This is a rant.

May 4, 2009 at 12:31 am (Rant)

This is a rant.

I’m tired of businesses who are completely clueless.

I know, I know, I may have unrealistic expectations of people for expecting businesses to have already implemented “aggressive sustainability” practices in their processes but I’m tired of the same situation happening over, and over, and over:

Account Manager: “OK thank you for your payment. Would you like me to fax your invoice payment confirmation to you?”

Me: “Actually, is there anyway I could get you to email me as well as my future invoices? I’m paperless so I don’t really use the fax.”

Account Manager:“ummm, can I put you on hold for a second?”

Me: “Sure, take your time!”

~1-1.5min hold

Account Manager: “Hi thanks for holding. I can print out the invoices and confirmations, scan it then email them to you. What is your email address?”

Me: “Oh, ok. Well I would just like it to be mailed then please, if you’re going to just print it out.”

Honestly at that point I’d rather them spend the money to employ the USPS and mail the invoices and payment confirmations. Maybe it’ll put added financial weight on the company to mail envelopes that are becoming increasingly more expensive and it’ll become such a burden that they’ll be forced to evolve.

The next step of my process then is to have the receptionist scan the paper as soon as I receive it directly to a shared folder on a shared network drive. That’s way more effort than is necessary if businesses would just have a system that completely removes the elements of printing + scanning + postage + OUR cost of manpower to scan the document to serve their customers with.

You would think though that because of the cost saving advantages many businesses would be gung-ho for the idea but, to me, it seems like they’re in the dark ages. They could get positive PR and more business from people like me who choose which vendors service our office if they would email/e-blast (NOT MAIL) their customers this information.

Yet, they don’t adapt. I’m annoyed because I’m tired of asking though I know it’s the act of asking that is my contribution in addition to the actual act of going paper-less. It brings awareness to customers wanting this service, whatever their motives may be.

I personally can see some, albeit sparse, evidence of this “recession” being good for businesses. It’ll strengthen those who have their stuff together. I, personally, want to deal with companies who have altruistic mentalities engrained in their business models.  I’m anxious for where you have to opt-in to get paper anything from businesses. 🙂

Patiently, anxiously yours,

The Paperless Assistant



  1. Adam Zak said,

    This is a great post because it points directly to a critical problem many companies find so difficult to resolve: doing something the way they’ve always done it just because that’s the way they’ve always done it. And going paperless is only the tip of the iceberg. Hey, change is tough, even when it’s appropriate and possibly critical.

    In my day job I recruit senior level executives who improve companies with Operational Excellence. They have the skills, sure, but they are also in a position to aggressively advocate for change and improvement. Plus, as senior executives within their companies, they are also in a position to reach out to senior leaders within their supply-chain to push for simplification and process improvement. I’ve found that if you go up high enough on the corporate ladder you stand a better chance of your logical, practical, money-saving and GREEN suggestions being taken seriously.

    Perhaps you could connect with someone a level or two above your account rep to propose your GREEN paperless solution as an improvement initiative which they could partner on with your organization (see if you can find an executive within your company to champion this effort). Communicate clearly the positive appeal of actually implementing and sticking with a paperless plan. And if that works, who knows – you may be planting the seeds of a major Lean business transformation!

    Adam Zak

    • {d.birdy} said,


      Thank you for your comment! I am assuming my Loving Logistics blog sent you here? I gently touch on the topic of Lean over there often.

      Lean is something I strive towards and reducing/eliminating waste in my work processes is exactly what I’m aiming for by going paper-less. What I think a lot of businesses don’t understand is that Lean is something that, if implemented right, can drastically reduce Operational costs.

      The issue I encounter the most, is lack of education at the C-Level because the vendors who service our account are small. Unless an executive is self-propelled to investigate Lean practices, there is very little targeted information that I’ve seen that they can relate to.


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    • {d.birdy} said,

      Thank you for the compliment! I hope you return frequently!

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