The right tools for the right job

May 11, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Helpfulness, How-To, Nudge)

The office intranet; Most technologically up to date companies have them,  if you have access to one, USE IT!!

Just this morning I found out I had administrator privileges on the company intranet page. By golly, I’m about to use this tool because in terms of resource saving and as a wonderful Nudge, this is great.

The concept of “choice architecture”, which is really what Nudge is all about, is about giving people only the set choices in a certain context that result in a desired outcome.  What is indeed manipulation, is also a positive way to increase positive results when implemented thoughtfully,  used responsibly, and presented respectfully to your co-workers.

In this case the nudge will be adding the content I need to proliferate to the intranet so that the likelihood my info/memo email will be reduced thus drawing upon less physical resources (paper, printer use, printer toner) because the information people would normally want to print out in my email will not exist in the email, but on-line. My emails from this point forward will reference a link and minimal text. Adding the additional step will hopefully reduce the number of pages printed because it’s so easy to print emails but not as easy to get the email, click the link, wait for IE to open the page, read the info, THEN print the information.

I have the great luxury of having the Director of IT’s support in my desire to go paper-less.  When I sent an email this morning asking if I was able to utilize the company intranet page I specified, I was delighted and surprised to see his response; Here’s the exchange, in case you’re wondering how to get this information and from whom:

Good morning Senor!  

Do you have any problem with me utilizing intranet space to put information I need to proliferate instead of me sending content/graphic heavy emails? Seems like it would resolve a lot if I just send text emails that reference a link, not to mention I am trying to go as paperless as possible. That said, it’ll reduce the number of times my info memo/email is printed if the bulk of the content does not reside in the email.
Thoughts? I wanted to come to you first before I took the idea and ran with it. 🙂

The Paperless (Executive) Assistant


Good morning!

Currently, you are an Administrator on that particular intranet site.  You are more than welcome to modify the website as you see fit. 

Thanks for the effort of obtaining paperless.  We should all be a lot more conscious.

 Director of IT Services

Great! I have buy-in for my cause as well as the tools to use it. I’m jazzed!

Excitedly yours,

The Paperless Assistant


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