Document Imaging Seminar at Record Storage Systems

May 17, 2009 at 7:53 pm (Helpfulness)

This week I went to a wonderful seminar called “Spring Clean Your Business” at Record Storage Systems of Charlotte, NC. Following the seminar was a facilities tour of their newly added Document Imaging Center. I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see companies like this offering paperless options to their lineup so that businesses (a LARGE user of paper products nationwide) can go paperless, even with their stored records.


Being on location at the Record Storage System’s storage space was especially exciting; It’s amazingly huge and organized. I’ve never seen so much filed PAPER! (I’ve worked at a paper distribution center for Charlotte’s largest paper, the Charlotte Observer so I can’t say it’s the most paper I’ve ever seen but it’s the most, shall we say, processed paper I’ve ever seen).


It makes sense that there’d be draw for such a company to start leasing out server storage space instead of physical storage  space. Physical space is expensive and I’m sure they’re looking forward to passing on the savings they’re going to see as more businesses convert to paperless archiving. 


Another thing that really pleased me was their presentation. They had something for every stage of the paperless process and offer each stage a la carte for their clients. From desktop scanners that could be installed all the way to RSS doing all of the activities, it’s good that they’re offering services across the entire process so as to make it more economical.


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