Lunch & Learn: Paperless Ops Processes

June 10, 2009 at 1:26 am (Helpfulness, How-To, Nudge)

I came across an article today in my RSS that really got me thinking: 

“Over 50 percent of baby boomers print for archiving while less than 30 percent of young workers print.”

If that is the case, in order to reduce the burdensome money-suck known as Operations printing, wouldn’t a savvy office manager attempt to target baby boomers’ regular print jobs for process refinement? How would one go about that?

The answer seems clear to me, though I have been known to be more industrious than I’d like to admit: Teach a class about implementing paperless work processes to everyone.

I’m going to pitch it to my boss in the morning and see what he thinks. We’ve been throwing around “Lunch & Learn” ideas for the past couple of weeks, why not use the opportunity to reduce our departmental expenses while providing productivity enhancement classes as well?

The first step I’ll take will be to check with IT once I get the green light to make sure they can support people’s e-processes once they’re taught how to do it. 

Secondly then I’d do an applications audit with IT to see what tools are available to use such as capability to install “print to pdf”, get to know details like size limits on user drives which would host the paperless documents, etc

I’ll stay focused on getting the OK first, though. 😉 

I’ll keep you updated!

The Paperless Assistant


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