Top 10 Steps to Kicking Your Paper Addiction for Good

April 2, 2009 at 6:14 pm (How-To) (, , , , )

It is true— sometimes you just can’t avoid using using paper. But can you imagine if there were instances that powers beyond your control MADE you use paper??? I can and have had those instances. What’s an Office Manager or Assistant to do?!?

 So without further ado here are my Top 10 Steps to Kicking Your Paper Addiction for Good:

1. MAKE A DATE and stick to it.

2. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PLENTY OF LIKEMINDED PEOPLE – Stay calm, you’re not alone. Come to the realization now that you’re not going to be popular for going paperless but rest assured you can sleep at night because you know you’re not contributing to the wastefulness of natural resources in the business place as best you can. There are others. LOTS of others. Find them and make friends.

3. GET MORE ACTIVE – Tell people you’re going paperless so that you’re held accountable. It’s easy to just quickly print something out when you know no one will notice. Talk about it to everyone and talk about it often.

4. THINK POSITIVE – Withdrawal can be unpleasant, bit it is a sign your mind is recovering from the dizzying effects of paper use. Irritability, frustration, urges to use paper because it’s “easier” and lack of remembering the common good are not uncommon – don’t worry, they usually disappear after a few weeks.

5. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE – Try to avoid the copy room you usually pick up printed pages in. Try doing something totally different, like educate someone about the benefits of paperless work processes. Surprise yourself!

6. NO EXCUSES – Don’t use a crisis or even good news to be an excuse for “just one print out” there is no such thing – you will soon want the next and the next….

7. TREAT YOURSELF – This is important. If you can, use the money you are saving by not printing to buy your office something special – big or small – that you usually would not have, like a catered lunch.

8. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU EAT – Try not to snack on magazines to get your paper fix. If you do need to snack, try RSS, buying a Kindle  or sit down to read a good blog.

9. TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME – each day without a print job is good news for your paperless health, your office and our Earth.

10. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK SOMETIMES – Going paperless is a tough challenge. Keep a positive mental attitude and give yourself props sometimes! You’re doing a great thing! If you can do this, imagine the possibilities. 🙂



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